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Businesses of all types and sizes can be involved in legal disputes. Business and contract disputes, whether with an employee, contractor, vendor, client, competitor, or customer, can cost you time, money, and stress.  If a dispute or breach is not timely and properly  handled, it can result in significant liability and losses or limit the amount of your recovery, and lower the likelihood of a favorable result.  The best way to ensure a favorable result in any type of business dispute or litigation in Texas is to have an attorney on your side who understands the issues in your case.  At Crewse Law Firm, we have top-tier legal expertise and substantial experience representing businesses, business owners, executives, and investors at the outset of a dispute and in every phase of litigation and arbitration. In every case and for every client, we strive to provide cost-effective and favorable solutions though zealous and strategic advocacy.

Attorney James Crewse has extensive experience handling a wide variety of complex business litigation disputes.  He has successfully represented local, national and international companies of all sizes and types, from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to start-ups and family-owned businesses, as well as business owners, executives and investors, in a wide range of business disputes.  Our firm provides the highest quality of representation to every business client, no matter what type of legal issue you face.  Call 214-394-2856 today to learn more about the legal assistance our law firm can provide for you.

Below are some of the business litigation issues that Crewse Law Firm can assist you with:



Learn More About How a Texas Business Litigation Lawyer Can Help You

The above are only a few of the many business litigation cases that we handle at the Crewse Law Firm. We have the knowledge and experience of a large firm with the personalized attention and representation of a small firm.  For more information about our business litigation services, call James Crewse today at 214-394-2856.

Below are some of the business litigation issues that Crewse Law Firm can assist you with:


Business Disputes and Breach of Contract

Crewse Law Firm regularly represents business clients in a wide-variety of business disputes and breach of contract cases, both on the plaintiff and defense side.  Call James us today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can help you.


Business Litigation Involving Labor & Employment

  • Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Compete Agreements
  • Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
  • Unfair Competition by former employees or competitors


We have extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants, and employers and employees, in cases involving confidentiality,non-solicitation and non-compete agreements, theft or unauthorized use of company property, confidential information, or trade secrets, and similar types of unfair competition.  For these types of cases, it is critical that you hire a lawyer with relevant, actual experience litigating the same type of matter,because these cases have complex legal issues and typically involve requests for temporary restraining orders (TRO), expedited discovery, and a temporary injunction hearing within 14-28 days after the lawsuit is filed. Although these types of cases usually being at a fast and furious pace, they tend to settle quickly, shortly before or after the temporary injunction hearing.Attorney James Crewse has represented numerous employers and employees in these types of cases in numerous industries, including the financial/investment bank,insurance, tax preparation, manufacturing, and the commodities and equipment industries, among others.  Call James Crewse today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can help you.


  • Discrimination, Retaliation and Harassment Complaints

James Crewse has successfully defended business clients and executives from discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment claims filed with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and EEOC, and in lawsuits.  For these types of claims, it is recommended that you retain counsel immediately.  Call James Crewse today at214-394-2856 to discuss how we can help you.
Construction Litigation

Construction projects involve many types of contracts, the breach of which can result in costly losses for parties involved. Parties can be contractors, subcontractors, buyers owners, designers, suppliers, and others. Claims can involve contract violations, defects, liens and bonds, safety regulations, and a variety of additional things that may allegedly go wrong during a project. Whether you want to bring a construction claim or are facing a claim by another party, it is critical to seek representation from a law firm that is thoroughly familiar with construction law cases.  Call James Crewse today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can help you.


Breach of Commercial Lease Lawsuits

Crewse Law Firm represents commercial property landlords and tenants in breach of lease agreements lawsuits, and lease preparation and review.  Having represented both commercial landlords and tenants in numerous breach of lease lawsuits and other lease disputes cases, Crewse Law Firm our attorneys understands the legal issues and possible defenses, and is are uniquely qualified to represent you in any type of dispute or litigation involving a commercial lease agreement.  Call James Crewse today at 214-394-2856to discuss how we can help you.


Real Estate Litigation

Crewse Law Firm represents buyers, sellers, developers, brokers, and commercial property landlords and tenants in all types of litigation concerning real estate transactions, including breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, and breach of warranty claims, among others. Whether you are a buyer, seller, developer,owner or broker in the real estate transaction, we can assist you.  Call James Crewse today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can help you.