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Employees are often essential for the successful operation of a business., but to achieve and maintain success, businesses must not only follow applicable laws that regulate various aspects of an employee’s employment, but they should also take proactive steps to protect against unfair competition, theft of company property and trade secrets, discrimination and retaliation claims, and negligence claims by employees and third-parties.Labor and employment cases can be costly to your business, especially if they are not properly and timely handled.


At Crewse Law Firm, you will receive assistance from an experienced labor and employment law attorney, who will assist you and devise a strategy to resolve your legal matter based on your specific circumstances and goals. Call us today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can assist in your labor and employment law matter.


Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Compete Agreements

Misappropriation and Use of Trade Secrets

Unfair Competition


These types of cases are complex and demand actual and relevant experience and know-how.  Our firm has extensive experience and know-how preparing, negotiating, litigating and successfully resolving cases involving confidentiality, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements, misappropriation and use of company property, confidential information and trade secrets, and unfair competition.  Attorney James Crewse has represented all sides of the argument, for plaintiffs and defendants, and for employers and employees, in state and federal court, and before FINRA.  Because this type of litigation typically involves requests for a temporary restraining order (TRO), expedited discovery, and a preliminary injunction hearing, these cases typically start hot and heavy and oftentimes settle within one month.  Our extensive experience in these matters, combined with our thorough knowledge of the law and creativity, make Crewse Law Firm uniquely qualified to represent clients in these cases. Call us today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can assist you.


Employee and Executive Severance Agreements


In addition to preparing and negotiating Severance Agreements for business, attorney James Crewse has helped numerous executives obtain and negotiate favorable severance packages upon the termination of their employment. Call us today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can assist you with a severance agreement.


Discrimination, Retaliation and Harassment Complaints


Numerous laws protect employees in Texas against certain types of discrimination and based on race, religion, sex, disability, age, whistleblower status, and other factors. Unlawful discrimination can take many different forms, including the following:


  • discrimination in hiring, firing, and other employment decisions;
  • harassment that creates a hostile work environment;
  • harassment that puts a job or benefits on the line; and
  • retaliation for reporting or complaining of discriminatory, illegal or unlawful harassment in the workplace.


If an employee brings a successful discrimination claim, they may be entitled to damages.  James Crewse has successfully defended businesses and management personnel against discrimination, retaliation, and harassment lawsuits and complaints filed with the Texas Workforce Commission and EEOC.  Additionally, Crewse Law Firm can also assist your company to internally investigate complaints of discrimination, retaliation and harassment, and to implement written policies and procedures concerning discrimination, retaliation and harassment. Call us today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can assist you.


Wages and Hour


Both federal and state laws regulate compensation of employees in Texas. If an employer does not properly compensate someone as required, the employee can bring a legal claim seeking unpaid wages. In addition, businesses that are found to have violated wage laws may face civil penalties. Many wage and hour claims involve the following issues, among others:

Employment Handbooks


For many types of employment claims, there are various things that businesses can proactively do in an effort to limit avoid future employment claims and limit potential liability if any such claims arise. One method is implementing written employment policies and procedures, which can help protect your company in a variety of circumstances, including with respect to unemployment, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation claims. If your company does not have an written employment policies and procedures, or if your existing policies and procedures need to be updated, call Crewse Law Firm today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can assist you.


  • failure to pay minimum wage;
  • failure to pay overtime rates;
  • not properly calculating hours worked;
  • misclassification as exempt from overtime or as an independent contractor;and
  • not providing proper rest or meal breaks.


Crewse Law Firm can assist employees and employers in connection with wage and hour claims. Call us today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can assist you.


Wrongful Termination


While Texas recognizes “at-will” employment, this does not mean you can terminate an employment relationship for any reason at all. The law protects employees from wrongful termination, which can be based on,among others, the following:


  • discrimination based on any protected factors;
  • retaliation for reporting unlawful behavior;
  • retaliation for taking family and medical leave;
  • retaliation for filing a workers’ compensation claim;
  • an employee’s refusal to engage in unlawful conduct;and
  • reasons that go against public policy.


Crewse Law Firm can assist employees and employers in connection with wrongful termination claims. Call us today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can assist you.


Employment Contracts


While most employment relationships are at-will in Texas, others can be based on a contract signed by the employer and employee. Contracts can include many terms, such as the length of employment, agreed-upon compensation, non-compete clauses, and other rights and responsibilities. If you believe that your employee or employer has breached an employment agreement, or if you are being accused of breaching an employment contract, you should not delay in calling to discuss the case with a highly experienced employment attorney. Call us today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can assist you.


Discuss Your Needs with a Texas Labor & Employment Attorney


Crewse Law Firm provides legal and litigation counsel concerning the employment matters described above, as well and other labor and employment related matters and cases. These can include health and safety violations, paid or unpaid leave, bonus or commission disputes, and many more. If you need assistance with any type of labor and employment issues, call attorney Crewse Law Firm today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can help you.