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Real estate transactions can be lucrative, which also means there is a lot to lose if something goes wrong. Many types of legal issues, disputes and litigation can arise in connection with buying, selling, leasing, or developing residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use real estate, so it is important to have legal counsel review proposed agreements and protect your interests if a dispute or legal issue arises.  Most real estate litigation involves contract disputes and breach of contract claims, such as of commercial lease agreements and purchase and sale agreements.Other types of real estate litigation involve claims alleging false, misleading or inadequate representations or disclosures concerning real property,the performance or alleged inadequate performance of a service related to the purchase, sale or lease of commercial real estate, complaints for forcible detainer relating to residential lease agreements,and disputes over land use or title, property development or property management.

Crewse Law Firm represents clients in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area in a variety of legal matters involving real estate transactions,disputes, and litigation. Whether you would like legal advice regarding a proposed or completed purchase or sale of real estate or lease agreement, or an existing legal dispute or breach of contract at 214-394-2856 and speak with an experienced attorney to discuss how we can help you.


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Commercial Lease Agreements

James Crewse has represented numerous commercial property landlords, property managers, tenants, and brokers concerning commercial lease agreements for retail space, warehouses, restaurants, medical offices, and general office space.  Having represented both commercial landlords and tenants in connection with lease negotiations, lease disputes and demands, notices of default,and breach of lease lawsuits, James is uniquely qualified to provide legal counsel and assist you concerning all aspects of the lease.


  • Representation of Commercial Property Landlords and Property Managers

Crewse Law Firm typically represents commercial property landlords, owners and property managers in breach of lease lawsuits, but also provides legal counsel concerning lease negotiations, proposed modifications, supplements and amendments to the lease, questions that may arise concerning certain provisions of the lease, and disputes concerning the one or more of the parties’ obligations or rights under the lease.

For clients with multiple breach of lease cases each year, the firm offers alternative fee schedules that allow you to choose an hourly, flat, or mixed fee cost structure that best fits your needs and provides value and cost savings to you.  You still get same the great service, but at a fraction of the cost.  To learn more about how Crewse Law Firm can assist you, please call James Crewse at 214-394-2856 today.

  • Representation of Commercial Tenants

Commercial lease agreements are notoriously one-sided contracts that favor the landlord. Lease agreements are also one of the most important contracts that a business enters because they require a long-term commitment, account for a large portion of a business’s expenses, and sometimes require a personal guaranty, or list the owner as the tenant. Despite those facts, many businesses sign the lease without having an attorney review or negotiate any of its one-side terms. While that approach may save you a small amount of money at the beginning of the lease, failing to negotiate more friendly lease provisions at the outset could cost you substantially more in the future.

Crewse Law Firm regularly reviews and negotiates revisions to our clients’ commercial lease agreementsIn doing so,we make sure the material terms are consistent with your understanding and agreement,identify potential ambiguities and pitfalls that, if unchanged, could lead to future disputes, substantial increases to your rental payments, the relocation of your business to a less desirable suite or location,or your unintended default and breach, among other things.Considering
long-term financial the commitment you make when signing a commercial lease, hiring legal counsel to review and negotiate terms of the lease should be a no brainer.  To learn more about how Crewse Law Firm can assist you, please call James Crewse at 214-394-2856 today.

In addition to providing legal counsel to clients entering a commercial lease agreement, Crewse Law Firm also represents commercial tenant clients in matters involving lease disputes, alleged defaults and breaches, lockouts, and asserting and defending breach of lease claims.  To learn more about how Crewse Law Firm can assist you in any of these matters, please call James Crewse at 214-394-2856 today.


Real Estate Transactions & Disputes

Real estate transactions typically involve many moving parts and substantial investments of time and money by parties with competing interests and goals.  When conflicts, disputes or alleged breaches of contract arise in connection with real estate transactions, they can be costly. Many legal issues and disputes involving real estate transactions can be avoided with careful planning and oversight by a skilled attorney, including careful contract drafting and negotiation.

Crewse Law Firm represents actual and perspective real property owners, buyers, sellers, developers, investors, contractors, brokers, and commercial tenants and landlords, among others, involving real estate transactions and real estate litigation.  No matter what role you play in a real estate deal, there is always the potential for legal issues to arise. Our firm has the experience and knowledge to handle a wide range of real estate cases and issues, including among others,the following:

  • preparation, review and negotiation of real estate contracts;
  • breach of contract claims;
  • claims of fraud and misrepresentation;
  • construction and development disputes;
  • purchase and sale agreements;
  • commercial leases and landlord-tenant disputes;
  • broker disputes;
  • homeowners’ association and condominium association;
  • title and land use disputes;and
  • due diligence.

Whether you require legal counsel in connection with a prospective or pending real estate transaction, or legal representation because of a dispute involving a completed real estate transaction, Crewse Law Firm can protect your rights and help you resolve the matter as efficiently as possible.  To learn more about how Crewse Law Firm can assist you, please call James Crewse at 214-394-2856 today.


Texas Condominium Law & Disputes

Attorney James Crewse at Crewse Law Firm,has provided legal counsel to and represented a number of Texas Condominium Associations in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. James has represented Condominium Associations in a variety of areas, including among others, the enforcement of Rules and Regulations, assessments and collection of assessments, preparing supplements and amendments to Bylaws and other Condominium Documents.  James has also provided on-demand legal counsel to Condominium Associations regarding disputes and questions about voting requirements, transfers and sales of property, authority of the Board to act, assigned parking spaces, use and restrictions of common areas and limited common elements, assessments, unruly tenants, insurance, construction issues, and other issues that arise in connection with governing a Condominium Associations and living cooperatively in a condominium.  To learn more about how Crewse Law Firm can assist you, please call James Crewse at 214-394-2856 today.


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If you want an attorney with large firm experience and the personal attention of a litigation boutique, look no further than Crewse Law Firm. Attorney James Crewse has represented numerous clients in connection with real estate transactions, commercial leases, condominium law, and real estate disputes and litigation. His background and experience, together with his experience as a litigator and trial lawyer, makes him uniquely qualified to represent your interests. To learn more about how the Crewse Law Firm can assist you, please call James Crewse at 214-394-2856 to discuss your situation today.