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Local Counsel – Dallas Fort Worth & Northern District of Texas

Crewse Law Firm,is a Dallas Fort Worth law firm founded by James Crewse, an AV Preeminent® rated Dallas Fort Worth trial lawyer with extensive first-chair experience litigating a wide-variety of complex civil cases throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  With ten plus years’ litigation experience at a large Dallas law firm and as a partner at a Dallas litigation boutique, James formed Crewse Law Firm with the intent of expanding his ability to accept engagements as local counsel in the Dallas Fort Worth area, including the Dallas and Fort Worth Divisions of the US District Court, Northern District of Texas, and County and District Courts in Dallas, Collin, Denton, and Tarrant Counties.  As a trial attorney who has served as local counsel for out-of-town law firms and clients in Dallas Fort Worth, and who has engaged and worked with outside local counsel in other jurisdictions, James personally understands the benefits of having good local counsel, and the qualities that make local counsel valuable. Call Crewse Law Firm today at 214-394-2856 to discuss how we can help you.


US District Court for the Northern District of Texas Local Counsel

In business litigation and other civil matters filed in the Northern District of Texas, Local Rule 83.10 requires an attorney not residing or maintaining a principal office in the Northern District of Texas to designate local counsel who (a) is a member of the bar of the Northern District of Texas, and (b) resides or maintains a principal office in the district and within 50 miles of the courthouse in the division in which the case is pending. Mr. Crewse and Crewse Law Firm meet those qualification requirements for cases pending in both the Dallas and Fort Worth Divisions of the Northern District of Texas.


Our Role as Local Counsel

James Crewse is a seasoned litigator who has acted as local counsel for law firms and clients involved in civil, business and securities fraud litigation pending in the Northern District of Texas.  As your local counsel, we understand that our firm’s role varies based on your specific needs and preferences.  At the outset, we can provide valuable knowledge and insight about our local community and judiciary, opposing counsel, local experts, mediators, investigators, process servers, court reporters, and litigation support professionals, the local rules, and Texas law, and we will assist you in gaining pro hac vice pro hac vice admittance before the court.  As the case progresses, we can take on as expansive or limited role as the case requires.


Based on your needs and preferences, Crewse Law Firm can handle the following aspects of your cases, among many others:


  • assist out-of-state attorneys with pro hac vice the pro hac vice admission process;
  • provide insight concerning the local community and judiciary, opposing counsel, local experts, mediators, investigators, and litigation support professionals;
  • assist in obtaining or resisting temporary restraining orders, preliminary/temporary injunctions, and other equitable relief;
  • advise and assist with removal of cases from state court to federal court and motions to remand;
  • provide guidance and insight concerning local rules, court practices, preferences and procedures;
  • assist with procedural motions involving jurisdiction and venue;
  • review pleadings to be filed with the court to ensure compliance with the local rules;
  • preparation of motions or written discovery, or responses to same;
  • conduct legal research;
  • assist with filing of electronic or paper pleadings with the court;
  • confer with opposing counsel concerning discovery disputes and motions;
  • negotiate with opposing counsel concerning case management and status reports, extensions of time, hearing settings, proposed orders; and
  • attend and participate in depositions, hearings, scheduling conferences, and trial.


Our Commitment as Local Counsel

We recognize that our ability to assist other firms and attorneys as local counsel depends upon positive referrals from counsel. When retained as local counsel, Crewse Law Firm is committed to providing excellent service that will reflect positively on you and assist you to achieve your client’s goals. We have your and your client’s best interests in mind and do not serve as local counsel to obtain your clients as our own.


Examples of Cases We Handle

The following are only a few examples of the matters we can handle as your local counsel.


Injunctive Relief & Departing Employees –
Crewse Law Firm assists clients, as both local and lead counsel, in obtaining and resisting temporary restraining orders and preliminary/temporary injunctions, and other equitable relief.  We have significant experience handling cases involving departing employees, non-solicitation agreements, and claims of misappropriation and use of trade secrets.  In these types of cases, James Crewse has represented clients in the insurance, manufacturing, and banking and financial industries, among others

Domestication of Judgements and Post-Judgment Collection – Crewse Law Firm also assists clients and referring attorneys with commercial collection matters and post-judgment collections in Texas, including domestication of foreign judgments, conducting post-judgment discovery, and collecting judgments through garnishments, writs of execution, and turnover orders.


If you need local counsel in the Dallas Forth Worth area, please look no further than Crewse Law Firm. We are committed to providing the highest level of legal services, so call James Crewse today at 214-394-2856 for more information.